will louisville get an nfl team

This article will discuss why Louisville would be a great fit for an NFL team. after they hosted the team after Katrina. The Official NFL Encyclopedia confirms that although officials from Louisville failed to attend the April 1921 league meeting, the NFL did receive a letter requesting a franchise from the Breckenridges. First, I am not just talking about a "dense downtown." 23 in last week’s Ferris Mowers Coaches Poll powered by … The fact is, Louisville has a significant population within a 20 minute drive of downtown (and thus an arena) and that DOES affect its ability to support an NBA franchise. The MSA difference between Louisville and Birmingham is small but significant as a percentage as Louisville is over 10% bigger in Metro. And I only think they would be a problem for NFL and MLB, but as has been discussed earlier the MLB is a longshot any way. Just be happy we are getting a state of the art arena built. I now OKC really is wanting to land the Hornets if they move, esp. After losing four consecutive games, the Louisville Cardinals were able to get back on track last weekend. The Louisville Courier-Journalreported in 1922 that the Brecks dated "back fifteen years, springing from a boys neighborhood team, the Floyds and Brecks, that has kept itself intact probably longer than any independent team in the country." Then, a few years later . Florida Gators wide receiver Trevon Grimes contorts to grab Texas A&M Aggies quarterback Kellen Mond's perfect back-shoulder pass. 18 in the Ferris Mowers Coaches Poll powered by USA TODAY Sports. Yes and No. Louisville is definately capable of supporting a pro-sports team, but as others have mentioned geographical concerns in the city's proximity to other markets make it a harder task to accomplishment. I think so at some point. We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. The Breck did manage to play the Oorang Indians in Louisville, for the team's very last NFL game. There's plenty of wealthy folks here and the business community would be behind anything to attract new life to the city and a Pro franchise would go a long way from preventing the brain drain. Furthermore, how can you say Louisville "lacks population growth?" Louisville (10-4, 5-3) welcomes Georgia Tech (7-5, 3-3) at the KFC Yum! Face it, Louisville is a bigger and more important metro than Birmingham with more money and would get pro sports first barring all other variables. In fact, the Hornets had a SIGNED letter of intent to locate in Louisville in 2001 on condition that the city would help construct a new arena. As the country's 12th largest city, Indianapolis deserves to be in the discussion for a major league team. The Indians were an all-Native American football team, created by, owner Walter Lingo to promote the sale of his airedale terriers. All they had to do was pay 20,000 freaking dollars to keep the team and move to the NBA. Then came WW2 and post war the sprawlbusters came out on top--Atlanta, Dallas, and Houston emerged as mega cities by the 1960's. Alex led the Washington Football Team to the playoffs after an injury two years ago and multiple surgeries to save his leg. Go Grizzlies! NFL President Joseph Carr liked the idea of having professional football in cities with strong baseball traditions. With the MLB having the highest season ticket prices, there's no way a team would last here. Get the latest Louisville Cardinals Football news, photos, rankings, lists and more on Bleacher Report Here are the fact from the US conference of mayors: http://www.usmayors.org/70thAnnualMeeting/...op100Metros.pdf. The respective rivers. And we all know, Birmingham doesn't matter economically, it's JUST the seventh largest banking center in the country. [2] Louisville's final two NFL games came on November 7, 1926 (Chicago Bears 34, Louisville Colonels 0) and November 14, 1926 (Green Bay Packers 14, Louisville Colonels 0).[4]. The team played only two league games in 1921, one at home and one on the road, hardly justify the Brecks as a road team. It is only five hours difference in terms of time zones, making it just two hours farther from the East Coast than playing in the Pacific time zone. Autozone Park vs. Slugger Field. In 2003, the total personal income was 48.1 Billion for Birmingham, Louisville only has 45.8 Billion personal income. Louisville can certainly handle one, but two would be stretching the dollar. Hmmmm....I'm not sure but it does give Louisville some hope in that one area. Nashville lured the Oilers away from Houston but Nashville seems to be on top of their growth and business potential, especially in the last ten years. Now thats a totally different question. Unlike today, the announcement of Louisville being granted an NFL franchise, was widely ignored by the Louisville press. King played college football at Notre Dame (1915–1916) under Coach Palmer and Knute Rockne.King was an undersized end for the Irish and was known [by whom?] FedEx vs. UPS. NHL just wouldn't draw any local interest but we could support it financially. In order for the team to bring the Akron Pros, Columbus Panhandles, or Oorang Indians to Louisville, the Brecks announced the sale of season tickets. A November 6, 1921 a game with the Cincinnati Celts was canceled, because the Celts could not fulfill the contract. Louisville, Kentucky had two professional American football teams in the National Football League: the Louisville Breckenridges (or Brecks for short) from 1921 to 1924 and the Louisville Colonels in 1926. However, I can only see two people with the vision, cash, and gumption to bring pro sports to Louisville--that is Todd and Johnathon Blue. The Cardinals are allowing 65.5 points per game while Duke allows 72.3. By comparison, Nashville has a larger metro than Louisville and higher GMP, but a smaller Urban Area. With price and amenities, the facility will be better than almost any current NBA arena--yet it is being built for University of Louisville. But what about Louisville? The next city to get an NFL team should be Bismarck, North Dakota—a central location representing states without NFL teams, such as Montana, Wyoming and both Dakotas. Center for a rare Monday afternoon tip. Along with New Orleans, Louisville was the South's major city until about the 1930's. I actually am a big NBA and NFL fan so I wish we had either or, but unfortunately the leaders in our city and in frankfort are so short sighted that I doubt it ever happens. Downtown rebirths are transforming each city. Learn how and when to remove this template message, American Professional Football Association, "The Role of the Road Team in the NFL: The Louisville Brecks", Professional Football Researchers Association, "ProFootballReference.com page on 1926 Louisville Colonels", Defunct National Football League franchises, Detroit Heralds / Tigers / Panthers / Wolverines, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Louisville_(NFL)&oldid=1003839157, American football teams established in 1921, American football teams disestablished in 1926, Articles needing additional references from August 2016, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 30 January 2021, at 23:10. Milwaukee and Kansas City are the only medium sized markets I can think of that is actually in the MLB. The Brecks dated their beginnings back to 1899. The three listed where NFL, NBA, NHL. Couple corrections before I quit. That game resulted in a 6–0 loss to the Columbus Panhandles in Louisville, due to a late game touchdown pass. Does that person and/or persons exist currently in the city? I'd really like to see Louisville get an NBA team. I may be 17, and from Alabama, but I knew what I was talken about. As a result, Hertzman beat out many of the other professional and semi-pro football teams in the Louisville area. Did you know Louisville had one of the orginal MLB baseball teams in the National League of baseball until the early 1900's? The area could definitly support one of the three: NFL, NHL, NBA. Louisville is the NBA's perpetual bridesmaid. Tennessee has UT Vols and still got the Titans and most of Tennessee bleeds orange and are just as rabid as the Alabama / Auburn fans. Thats why you see cities like Indianapolis, Charlotte, Columbus, and others without MLB teams, because those markets can't handle the fiancial burden. As a Louisville senior, Burgess finished second on the team with 91 stops. Louisville is the largest city in Kentucky by population, is a city that built its brand on toughness, and a hard-pounding, hard-hitting NFL team would fit right in. I wish we could land a NFL team, but for obvious reasons(Colts, Titans, Bengals, Rams)that would never happen. I've seen Jacksonville as high as 32 and as low as 52. Louisville's first NFL victory didn't come until November 22, 1922. I suspect these guys are up to something: "Blue helped arrange the financing for the Mike Tyson boxing match against Danny Williams two years ago. But at it's rate, it should be able to control the way it grows. Wayne Estopinal, chairman of Louisville City FC, the minor league soccer team set to play its second home game on Thursday, said MLS isn’t looking to expand its roster of teams until 2020. The games proceeds went to a fund to erect a memorial to the first Indiana soldier to die in World War I. [1] Meanwhile, Aaron Hertzman, the owner of the now defunct Brecks, was elected the NFL's Sergeant of Arms. The team's remaining two games were then cancelled. Brown started 39 games along the Louisville offensive front and earned second-team All-ACC honors in 2014.a The Rams selected Brown in the third round of the 2015 NFL Draft. Not that I'm bitter. Per Tom Pelissero of NFL Network, Jackson's positive COVID-19 test came up during Thursday's round of testing. Diskutiert mit der Community über die Spiele As you can expect, several former Cardinals will be competing for a shot at the Lombardi Trophy. The team played split schedules between league games and local, independent games.[1]. While the Colonels were really a traveling team out of Chicago, they are usually accepted as a continuation of the Brecks franchise. The following is a list of players that attended Louisville who were drafted in the NFL Draft from 1960-present. There's such a history between Louisville and Memphis even beyond the Cards and Tigers. Basically people her root for any city that has a lot of transplants in Louisville, and as the studies show, Louisville gains more domestic in migration from Chicago and Cleveland than any other cities. The league announced Friday night that the postponement was due to positive COVID-19 tests, quarantining and contact tracing within the Cardinals program. Teams looking to break out of mini slumps meet when the Duke Blue Devils face the Louisville Cardinals in a key Atlantic Coast Conference matchup on Saturday. Louisville head coach Jeff Walz directs his team against Wake Forest in the fourth quarter of an NCAA women's college basketball game in Winston-Salem, N.C., Sunday, Jan. 24, 2021. The very next game featured the worst loss in franchise history as the Brecks were defeated by the Racine Legion 59–0. Only five of 38 different players played NFL football outside of Louisville. This means there are SIGNIFICANTLY more people within a particular radius of downtown Louisville than downtown Birmingham. for his athleticism and speed. Louisville is an older, denser, city than Birmingham, and has always been more important in the South. Will the city ever get a professional sports team? Probably. By But, still you can say that one metro is more important than another. Alabama likes college teams better for some reason. But, I think that Louisville would get one before Bham just because the NFL team would have too much competition with both Auburn and Alabama, even University of Alabama at Birmingham football. Louisville is favored by three points, while the Over-Under is set at 141 at William Hill Sportsbook (see up-to-date These guys are slick young guns that have combined their families' old money with their new age business ventures. Oh, and of course, just because Birmingham is in Alabama, it must be dirt poor, and no money base whatsoever. [1], Brecks owner, Aaron Hertzman, sent a $25 franchise fee to the NFL on February 21, 1921. Vikings running back Dalvin Cook was named to the Professional Football Writers of America All-NFL team and All-NFC team. Huntsville's metro area is able to do that, hopefully Louisville can. During those six games, the Brecks finished with a 4–2 record. So, this Sunday, it’s safe to bet that many Kentucky households will be tuned to NFL games. Memphis and Richmond were important too but didn't have the clout that Louisville did.

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