In order to accomplish that, we will view the contents of /etc/sudoers and edit them where applicable. The config file /etc/sudoers list, who is allowed to run which commands as which user.

For remote server log in using the ssh command.

Normally, this “other” user is root. FreeBSD install sudo command. Always use the visudo command. To add a username to sudoers $ su - # visudo Append the following line and exit from a text editor: alice All=(ALL) ALL. Code: fred mohtashim jhon matt croft .... Code: [jhon@techx ~]$ id uid=1018(jhon) gid=1003(techx) groups=1003(techx) context=unconfined_u:unconfined_r:unconfined_t:s0-s0:c0.c1023. the file which controls who gets to sudo to whom. Sign up to join this community.

It is a small application that allows the execution of commands with the security privileges of another user. Optionally removes the user's home directory, if it is owned by the user. ## ## ## Host alias specification ## ## Groups of machines. HowTo: Using sudo on FreeBSD sudo is a great tool for granting specific privileges to users other that the root user. Where there are multiple matches, the last match is used (which is not necessarily the most specific match). I wish to install products like 1. apache http … Removes the user from the system's local password file. The /etc/passwd file is generated from the /etc/master.passwd file by pwd_mkdb command. Make sure sudo is installed on FreeBSD and wheel group is allowed as follows: # visudo Sample outputs: This is due to the following line in the default sudoers file, /usr/local/etc/sudoers: %wheel ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL Therefore, one way to grant a normal user with superuser privileges is to add the user to the wheel group. The sudo program is part of the GNU suite. Removes the incoming mail files belonging to the user from /var/mail. How do I change or set the password for vivek user. Here is how to become a super user: At the shell prompt type su – and press enter key, … Continue reading "FreeBSD: Becoming Super User (su) or Enabling su Access For User Account" Note: All my employee users belong to techx group. Some parts of the file-tree is different from linux, like the “sudoers” file is placed in /usr/local/etc/sudoers instead of /etc/sudoers, but many of the directories that are used in Linux are linked to the BSD folders by default, so it is not hard to get used to, but it felt a bit messy.

## Failure to use 'visudo' may result in syntax or file permission errors ## that prevent sudo from running. ## ## This file MUST be edited with the 'visudo' command as root.

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Run the passwd command as follows: passwd vivek. Open the terminal application. Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the top Home ; Questions ; Tags ; Users ; Unanswered ; How to add a user to sudoers file? How to setup sudoers file ?

## ## See the sudoers man page for the details on how to write a sudoers file.