THZ High-Performance Pan Mixers with Agitators

With mechanical agitator

  • Intensive mixer for challenging mixing applications
  • Applies power more effectively to the material
  • Faster mixing times through more efficient distribution of individual components
  • Suitable for a wide range of heterogeneous mixtures
  • Agitator is continuously supplied with material

The TEKA turbine mixer can also be fitted with a mechanical agitator to tackle more demanding mixing applications and speed up mixing times.

The agitator rotates at a speed set by the main mixer drive and, thanks to the special mixer arm layout, is steadily supplied with material. The agitator covers the entire annulus; no material is missed. This intensive mixer is ideal for rapidly producing a wide variety of mixtures.

The TEKA intensive mixer with mechanical agitators comes in different sizes with filling capacities ranging from 250 to 4,500 liters as well as one or two agitators.

All sizes can be outfitted with different wear-resistant liners, accessory items, skip hoist systems and high-pressure cleaning systems.

Data Sheet

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